Notification Basics

Your notifications will help you to stay informed and keep track of recent and past activities in your Edmodo account. Read below for more information on your Notifications: 

Types of Notifications

The different types of Notifications to which you will receive and be able to respond to include:

  • Posts: View and reply to the Post in a new window
  • Class/Group Join Requests: Approve or deny any requests
  • Post to Moderate: Accept or deny Post
  • Assignment/Quiz Submitted: Go to the grading overview page to view submissions
  • Connection Request: Connect, dismiss, block, or view the Profile of the user requesting the Connection
  • New Connection: View the Connection's Profile
  • Event: View any Events in your Calendar
  • Assignment/Quiz Due: Turn in and complete your Assignment or Quiz

View your Notifications

Whether you use your notifications as a "to do" list or a record of your Class/Group activity, there are a few management features to help yo make the most of your Notifications. To view your Notifications, simply:

  1. Click the Bell bell.png in the right-hand corner of your top toolbar. Notifications of the same type will be grouped together but can be reviewed individually by clicking on the group.
  2. Select See All at the top of the drop-down menu to view to see an expanded list of your Notifications sorted by category
  3. Select the category you would like to filter your Notifications by on the left panel


  • Viewing your notifications once will remove the red notification bubble which alerts you on how many new notifications you have received.
  • All of your notifications will remain in the Notification list for you to refer back to until they are 3 months old. 

Hiding Notifications

If you use your Notification list as a checklist for things that are done and want to remove one from your list, simply:

  1. Click the Bell bell.png in the right-hand corner of your top toolbar
  2. Hover over the specific Notification and click on the X. This will hide the notification from your notification window. But be careful, this can’t be undone!

Note: Not all notification types can be hidden.