Create a Group or Class (Teacher)

In order to better differentiate student classrooms from teacher groups, we've created a separate section for your Classes with your students.

Classes are used for your classroom with your students, while Groups are used for any teacher to teacher Groups and for teacher collaboration/professional development.

To create a Group or Class:

  1. Select the ellipsis.png icon by the "My Classes", or the "My Groups" headings in the Left Panel.
  2. Select the "Create a Group" or "Create a Class" button towards the bottom of your list of Groups or Classes.
  3. Enter the information and click "Create." If your Group or Class spans multiple grade levels, click "Range" and then set the range of grade levels.
  4. Then invite students, teachers, or parents to join the Group or Class! Locate the Group or Class Code and give it to your students, teachers, or parents so they can join your Group or Class.

Note: You cannot have two Groups or Classes with the same name. It is a good idea to enter unique identifiers in your Group or Class name (eg. Language Arts 2015/2016) if you plan to use similar Group or Class names over time.