Inviting Members to Join Your Class/Group (Teacher)

Inviting new members to your classes/groups can be done by using a Class/Group Code or by a Join URL. Both are a quick and secure way for students and other teachers to join your Class/Group. Learn more by reading below:

Share a Class/Group Code

To share your Class/Group Code, navigate to the desired Class/Group > expand.pngClass Code located in you Class/Group header. In the Invite people to... pop-up,  you have many options. 

  1. In the Share Class Code tab you can do the following:
    • Click on Copy Copy.png to copy the Code to share
    • Click on Share Link link.png to copy and share the join URL with students and teachers
  2. In the Share a PDF tab, you are able to generate a printable PDF with step-by-step instructions on how members can join and get connected
  3. In the Invite by Email tab, you can send members an invitation by email

Share your Class/Group Join URL

Class/Group Join URL's can be used to invite members to your class/group. You can find the unique URL in the following ways:

  • Share Class Code tab (as mentioned above)
  • Click on More ellipsis.png in the Class/Group banner where you can highlight and copy the Join URL located in at the top of the drop-down menu 

Once the members have received the Class/Group Join URL, they should do the following:

  1. Sign-in to their Edmodo account, or create a new one
  2. Paste the Join URL into a new browser tab
  3. Select Send Join Request. The new member will be placed in the Class/Group approval queue where the class owner will be notified to approve or deny their join request.

Lock, Unlock or Reset your Class/Group Code

To keep you Class/Group secure, Codes automatically lock 14 days after creating a Class/Group or 14 days after resetting the code. Locked Codes can still be used to join a Class/Group. However, when a locked Code is used to join a Class/Group, the requesting member will enter an approval queue (becoming a Pending Member). The teacher must accept the Pending Member before they are admitted into the Class/Group. If an unlocked Code is used, the student or teacher will instantly be a member of the Class/Group. 

As a way to be able to manage your class members better, teachers can lock, unlock or reset a Class/Group Code at anytime. 

To lock or unlock your Code:

  1. Navigate to the desired Class/Group 
  2. Click on Class Codeexpand.png located in your Class header
  3. Click on Unlock Code lock_unlocked.png or Lock Code lock.png in the Share Class Code tab
    • If your Class/Group is locked, it will say expand.png Class Code LOCKED
    • If you Class/Group is unlocked, it will show expand.png Class Code and list the actual Code

To reset your Code:

  1. Navigate to the desired Class/Group 
  2. Click on Class Code expand.png located in your Class header
  3. Select Moreellipsis.png > Reset your Code. Once your Code as been reset, your prior Code will not be able to be used.


  • A Class/Group Code or a Join URL is required for students when creating a new account.
  • To keep your Class/Group secure and safe, it's important never to share an unlocked Class Code in an unsecured location. Anyone with this unlocked Code can join your Class/Group.