Have Students Join Your Group (Already Have Edmodo Accounts)

If your students already have Edmodo Student Accounts (possibly from the previous year or another teacher's class), they can easily join your Groups! Your students can use either the Group Code or the Group’s Join URL to join your Group, or you can invite them to join your Group - you can choose!  

Note: If a student does not yet have an account, the student will need to create an account.


  • Provide Students (or Teachers) with the Group code. If you click on your Group name, you'll find the Group Code at the top of the right side panel.
  • Print a PDF handout showing the Group's code and instructions for joining for both new Edmodo Students and Students who already have accounts. Learn more about the printable Group code PDF.

Have your students (or fellow teachers) follow the steps below to join:

  1. Log in to his/her previously created Edmodo Account.
  2. Click the "Join a Group" button towards the bottom of the Groups list.
  3. Type in the Group code in the pop up box (this is the code the owner of the Group must provide them with) and click “Join."

Note: Students only need one account to join all Groups. Students (or Teachers) can add more Groups on their account by repeating above steps for each group.

Other Notes about your Group Code:

  • Group Codes automatically lock after 14 days of creation or resetting the code. If a locked or old code is used, Students will end up in the approval queue and need to be approved by you.
  • Unlocked group codes will allow students to instantly join.


  • Provide Students (or Teachers) with the Group’s Join URL. If you click on your Group, you'll find the Join URL next to the Group Code, on the top of the left side panel. You can send it to them in Edmodo or via email by clicking the blue "Invite" button, or pass it out to the Students another way.

Have your students (or fellow teachers) follow the steps below to join:

  1. Log in to their previously created Edmodo Account.
  2. Paste or type the Join URL into the address bar.
  3. Select “Send Join Request.”

Note: You (the Group owner) will be notified of the request and will have to approve or deny each new member before the member is in the Group.

Other Notes about your Group’s Join URL:

  • The Join URL works the same whether the group is locked or unlocked.
  • The Join URL is short and allows you to easily distribute it to students or fellow teachers.