Respond to Class/Group Join Requests (Teacher)

When students try to join a Class/Group with a locked Code or a Join URL, they must be approved by the Class/Group Owner or a Co-Teacher before they are admitted. The Class/Group Owner can admit or reject students in bulk from the Pending Queue or individually from their notifications. This gives Teachers control over who can join their Edmodo Classes/Groups.  

To Respond from your Class/Group Pending Queue:

  1. Navigate to the particular Class/Group
  2. Click Members tab in the left side panel
  3. Select Pending at the top of the Members list
  4. Respond to the join requests for that Class/Group by clicking Approve to admit students or Reject to remove them from the queue. You can also bulk respond by ticking the boxes to the left of the member's name or checking the Select All checkbox at the top of the list.

To Respond from your Notifications Menu:

  1. Navigate to your Notifications bell.png in your top toolbar
  2. Locate specific notification with the Join Request you wish to respond to
  3. Select Accept or Decline in the menu that appears

Note: To see a more detailed list of all your join notifications, click See All at the top of the Notification Menu to go to the Notification Management page. From the Notification Management page, you can view all join requests by clicking the Group + Connection Requests tab.