Add a Co-Teacher to Your Class/Group

Follow the steps below to make a current teacher in your Class/Group a co-teacher:

  1. Invite the co-teacher to join the Group/Class with the same code or Join URL used to invite students.

After the co-teacher joins the Class/Group:

  1. Click the Members tab in the left hand menu bar for the group you would like to modify.
  2. Select View all next to your name at the top of the group (next to the search members bar).
  3. Find the teacher in the member list > more icon Ellipses_.png to the right of their name to open the dropdown menu > co-teacher.

Note: Student accounts cannot be given co-teacher access. You must have a teacher account to be given co-teacher access.

The co-teacher has all the same abilities as the owner except the following:

  1. Archive or delete a Class/Group.
  2. Upgrade another teacher to co-teacher status.
  3. Remove the creator from the Class/Group.
  4. Install an Edmodo app to the Class/Group.

Note: From the Notifications section, co-teachers can also view students’ assignment submissions. Notifications are synced on both teachers’ home pages so if a teacher grades an assignment, the co-teacher’s notification for that assignment will disappear.