Add a Co-Teacher to Your Class/Group

Follow the steps below to add a fellow teacher as a co-teacher in your Class or Group: 

  1. Invite the co-teacher to join the Group/Class with the same code or “Join URL” used to invite students.

After the co-teacher joins the Class or Group:

  1. Click the “Members” tab from the middle panel (once the Class/Group has been selected.)
  2. Find the teacher in the member list.
  3. Select the “Manage” drop-down arrow to the right of the teacher's name and choose “Co-Teacher” from the menu options.

Note: Student accounts cannot be given co-teacher access. You must have a Teacher Account to be given co-teacher access.

The co-teacher has all the same abilities as the owner except for the following:

  1. Archive or delete a Class/Group.
  2. Upgrade another teacher to co-teacher status.
  3. Remove the creator from the Class/Group.
  4. Install an Edmodo app to the Class/Group.

Note: From the Notifications section, co-teachers can also view students’ Assignment submissions. The notification is synced on both teachers’ home pages, so if a teacher grades an Assignment, the co-teacher’s notification for that Assignment will disappear.