Add a Co-Teacher to Your Class/Group (Teacher)

As a Class Owner, you can change the rights of any teacher in your Class/Group to be a Co-Teacher. Co-Teachers have the same permissions as the Class-Owner. Co-Teachers can share folders, create assignments and quizzes, view the class progress, and grade assignments. All Teachers can be Co-Teachers once they have joined the Class/Group.    

To  change the permissions of a Teacher to a Co-Teacher: 

  1. Navigate to your Class/Group
  2. Click on the Members tab on the left-hand side panel to view your member list
  3. Filter the members' list to Teachers
  4. Find the teacher and select More ellipsis.png to the right of the member's name
  5. Select Co-Teacher

A Co-Teacher has all the same abilities as the Class Owner except the following: 

      • Archive or delete a Class/Group
      • Upgrade another teacher to Co-Teacher status
      • Remove the Class-Owner from the Class/Group

Note: Student accounts cannot be given Co-Teacher access.