Edit Your Class/Group Advanced Settings (Teacher)

Class/Group Advanced Settings allow the Teacher Owner to personalize or update many aspects of the Class/Group such as the description, name, grade level or grade range, subject area, the primary use case and classroom management options. What's more, the Teacher owner has the option to archive, copy, or delete the Class/Group at the end of the academic year or semester.  Learn more about archiving, copying and deleting your Edmodo Classes/Groups.  

To access your Class/Group Advanced Settings: 

  1. Navigate to the Class
  2. Select More ellipsis.png in the lower right-hand corner of the central information panel
  3. Click on Advanced Settings
  4. Update and Class/Group settings desired
  5. Select Save Settings to confirm the changes

Note: Teachers can also personalize which Classes/Groups send them notifications. Learn more about how to turn off notifications for a specific Class/Group.