Edit Your Class or Group Settings (Teacher)

Certain aspects of your Class or Group can be edited through Settings. You can rename your Class/Group, change the grade level, change the subject area, update the Class/Group member type and privacy level (for Groups only), and change the Class/Group's Color. You can also edit your Moderation Settings and default all new members to read only status or moderate all posts and replies. Finally, you can choose to hide your notes from parents, archive and delete your Class/Group and change your Class/Group description, all from within the Settings area.

 To access your Class or Group's Settings, follow the directions below.

  1. Select the Class or Group from the left panel.
  2. Select the More icon ellipsis.png on the right side of the middle panel
  3. Click "Advanced Settings".
  4. Change your Class/Group name, grade level, subject area, subject, color, member type, privacy and moderation settings, the description, as well as GIF privileges. You can also archive or delete your Class/Group from this window. 
  5. Click "Save Settings" to save the changes.

When you create a new class or group, you can set the:

  • Name
  • Grade Level or Grade Range
  • Subject Area
  • Subject
  • Member Type
  • Privacy Settings: for Groups only
  • Color

Note: You can also set your Group/Class level notifications if you want to receive notifications from some, but not all of your groups.