Find a Student's Parent Code

Every student has a unique Parent Code. This code is used to create a Parent account, and links the parent to the student. By associating with a student, the Parent account is automatically populated with information from all Groups that their student has joined. If a parent has multiple students using Edmodo, they should obtain the Parent Code for each student and then add a student once logged in to their existing account.

Note: Parents cannot join Groups, and should not use Group Codes.

The Parent Code for an individual student can be found by the Teacher, or within the Student account.



A Parent or Student can find the Student's Parent Code by logging in to the Student's account on the web:

  1. Logging in to the student's account.
  2. Scrolling down and finding the Parent Code on the bottom left corner of the home page.




Find the Student's Parent code in their account on the iPhone or iPad app by:

  1. Logging into the Student iOS app.
  2. Tapping the three horizontal bars -  - in the top left corner. 
  3. Tapping the Student's name.
  4. Selecting "Invite Parent."
  5. The code is at the bottom of the screen in blue font. 



Find the Student's Parent code in their account on the Android app by:

  1. Logging into the Student Android app.
  2. Clicking on the left-side navigation drawer.
  3. Selecting "Profile."



The Teacher can locate an Student's Parent code by:

  1. Selecting the Group from the left side panel of the home page.
  2. Clicking the “Members” tab from the left side panel.
  3. Clicking "Manage" next to a student's name.
  4. Clicking "Parent Code" and the student's Parent Code will pop up.