Share a Folder

Once you’ve created your folders, you can easily share them with any Group that you own or are a co-teacher in. Follow the steps below to share a Folder with your Group from the Groups page or from within your Library.

Sharing from the Groups page:

  1. Navigate to the Groups page and click "Folders."
  2. Click "Manage Folders" in the top right.
  3. Select Folders you want to share. Deselect any Folders to "un-share." When a folder is selected, a dark bar will appear to the left of it.
  4. Click "Done" to save changes.

Sharing from the Library:

  1. Locate the Folder in your Library.
  2. Click the "down arrow" to the right of the Folder, and click "Share."
  3. Select the Groups you want to share the Folder with, then click "Done."

Next Steps: Group members access the shared folders by clicking the “Folders” tab on the Groups page (not in their Libraries/Backpacks).

Sharing from the Group:



Sharing from the Library:



 Group Members access shared Folders on the Groups page, under "Folders":