How Do I Remove Someone from Our School?

Did a teacher choose your school by mistake, or have they left the school, and you still see your school on their profile? If so, you can remove them by doing the following: 

If you have a subdomain (School Site for Edmodo):

The Admin can remove a teacher from the school or district subdomain. For an admin to remove a teacher, please follow these instructions:

  1. Toggle to the Admin side of your account. 



2. Click the "Manage" tab in the upper Admin Panel, then click "Members" underneath it.

3. Locate the teacher that you would like to remove from the list of teachers, and select the checkbox next to their name.

4. Click the red remove box that will pop up at the upper right of the list.

5. Click the blue "Remove" button to confirm the removal.





If the Teacher Hasn't Been Approved:

1. Click the "Manage" tab in the upper Admin Panel, then click "Members" underneath it.

2. Click the Pending Teacher's Panel.

3. Click the x.png icon to remove their request from the subdomain.


Note: Students who were in the teacher’s Group will also not be able to access those Groups from the subdomain. We also recommend having the teacher remove all students from the Group if the teacher plans to leave the school. Students can withdraw as well. 

If you do not have a subdomain:

  1. Contact the teacher and ask the teacher to remove the school from their profile.
  2. If this does not work, please contact us, and we can work to help solve that particular issue.