Understanding Your Homepage (Parent)

Welcome to Edmodo's Parent view! Here, you'll find more ways to observe and monitor your child's Edmodo classroom. Your account is automatically updated as your child uses Edmodo and participates in their Groups, and as teachers communicate to parents.

Once you've added your child to your account, you will be able to see the following on your parent account:

1. What's Due: (Events, Assignments and Quizzes)

  • These are filterable by upcoming and past items

2. Messages: (Direct messages between you and your child's teachers, direct messages between your child and their teachers.

  • Parents cannot reply to direct messages between their child and the teacher. They can only read them.

3. Posts: (Notes from your child's teachers to your child's Classes): 

  • You may not see all Notes posted to the entire Class as this is controlled by your teacher's Class Settings. Read more about how teachers can send posts to parents here.
  • Note: At this time, parents cannot reply to posts. Please send your child's teacher a direct message using the messaging feature.

4. Students: You can find all of your students in the left Panel below your Profile Panel. Clicking the down tab down_1_.png will allow you to access their classes.