Understanding Your Parent Account

Welcome to Edmodo's Parent view! Here, you'll find more ways to observe and monitor your child's Edmodo experience. Your account is automatically updated as your child uses Edmodo and participates in their Classes/Groups. You will be able to view their Assignments and Quizzes in What's Due, oversee Messages and Posts, and have easy access to your linked to your student. Read more about what your Parent Account can do: 

What's Due Section:

Your What's Due area contains your child's Class/Group Agendas, Events, Grades, upcoming Assignments and Quizzes. Learn more about your What's Due area.



Direct Messages:

Parents can have direct contact with their student's teachers through Direct Messages. Parents only have permission to message their student as well as Class/Group Owners and Co-Teachers. Parents cannot respond to a direct message between their child and their Teacher/Co-Teacher as they only have read-only access to these particular messages. Learn more about Direct Messaging a Teacher.



What can I see as a Parent?

By default Parents can view Assignments, Quizzes, and Posts from their child's Teachers/Co-Teachers. However, as some teachers have different communication preferences in their Class/Group settings, you may not be able to view all Posts. Parents are not able to comment, reply, or like posts nor do they have access to posts and comments sent by other students. 


Your Student's Classes/Groups:

On the left-hand side panel Parents can see a list of the students to which they are connected and their Classes/Groups. Click Open down_1_.png to expand a list of your student's currently enrolled Classes/Groups .