How to Get Apps (Teacher)

There are hundreds of free and paid educational apps available for you and your students in Edmodo Spotlight. Getting and using Edmodo apps is simple and students can immediately access any apps you install to their Groups. To install apps to your Groups:

  1. Visit Edmodo Spotlight.
  2. Enter the name of an app in the top Search Bar, or browse for apps by scrolling through the suggested apps or selecting a subject in the left panel.
  3. Click on an app to go that app’s page. Each app’s page describes the app in detail, provides information about the app’s publisher and shows other Edmodo users' reviews of the app.
  4. Select the "Assign App To Group" button within the resource page.
  5. Choose the Groups where you would like to the App to appear.
  6. Select Install.

From here, the App will show up in your App Launcher, in addition to your Students' App Launchers! Check out the screenshot for more information.


Next Steps: Members in the Group(s) where you installed the app can then launch the app by first clicking the “Apps” icon apps.launcher.png on the Apps Toolbar, then clicking the app’s icon.