Edmodo Connect (Log in with Edmodo)

Teachers and students can now log in to third-party applications (mobile apps and websites) using their Edmodo credentials. This enables you to access multiple sources of content using a single username and password, eliminating the need to manage a number of online account IDs.



How It Works

For Edmodo Connect enabled applications, you’ll be asked to grant the application access to your Edmodo user profile and/or groups. This authorization allows you to personalize your third-party experiences so they reflect your Edmodo account. To use Edmodo Connect to log in to a third-party application:

  1. Visit the third-party’s mobile application or website.
  2. Click the “Log in with Edmodo” button.
  3. If not already logged in to Edmodo.com, enter your Edmodo username and password.
  4. Click the “Approve” button.

What Is Shared

The basic information a third-party application will ask for is your Edmodo user profile, which includes your title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.), first name, last name, current profile picture, time zone, and language settings.

An application may also ask for details about your Edmodo groups. The information an application receives from the Edmodo groups you own includes: Group names, members (co-teachers, teacher members, student members), descriptions, subjects, grade levels, anticipated size, status (active, archived, or deleted), and whether you are moderating posts and replies for each Group, or if members are “Read Only” or “Contributors” by default.

At this time, applications are only able to “read” your Edmodo account information and use it within the application’s own environment. In the future, applications will be able to “write” to Edmodo, which means you can update your Edmodo account from a third-party application. For example, if you log in to a third-party application with your Edmodo username and password, then create or take an Assignment or update your Gradebook within that third-party application, each action will automatically be reflected in your Edmodo account. 

Student Safety

When students use Edmodo Connect to log in to third-party applications, the amount of information shared from their profile will be minimal until a teacher approves student usage.

For students in grades K-8, only their unique Edmodo ID — a unique number assigned to each Edmodo account—will be shared with the third-party application. This ID does not contain any personally identifiable information and will only be used to create an anonymous account for the student in the third-party application’s own environment. When a teacher approves student use of an application, the next time the student accesses the third-party application, he/she will be asked to approve permissions to his/her basic user profile information (first name, last name, avatar), and/or Edmodo Group membership details.

For students in ninth grade or higher, aspects of their Edmodo account will be imported into the third-party application to instantly build an account for them within the application’s own environment; one that reflects the existing settings and permissions in their Edmodo account. Only basic user profile information will be shared (first name, last name, avatar); Edmodo Group membership details will only be shared once the app is approved by the teacher of the respective Group(s).

Managing Third-Party Applications

Once you start using Edmodo Connect, the third-party applications with permissions to your Edmodo account will be listed on your Edmodo Account Settings page. The list will include the:

  • Application name and its associated publisher(s)
  • Date you granted access to each application
  • Information being shared with each application

To view and manage your third-party applications:

  1. Click “Me” > “Settings” on your Edmodo toolbar.
  2. Click “Third-Party Applications” in the left panel.

If you no longer want to grant an application access to your Edmodo user profile and/or groups, you can also withdraw permissions from this page by clicking the “Revoke” button.

If permissions are accidentally revoked, you can restore access to your Edmodo account by repeating the instructions outlined in the “How It Works” section above.