Manage Third-Party Applications in Edmodo Connect

Once you start using Edmodo Connect, the third-party applications with permissions to your Edmodo account will be listed on your Edmodo Account Settings page. The list will include the:

  • Application name and its associated publisher(s)
  • Date you granted access to each application
  • Information being shared with each application

To view and manage your third-party applications:

  1. Click your Profile Picture > “Settings” on your Edmodo toolbar.
  2. Click “Applications” in the left panel.

If you no longer want to grant an application access to your Edmodo user profile and/or groups, you can also withdraw permissions from this page by clicking the “Revoke” button.

If permissions are accidentally revoked, you can restore access to your Edmodo account by repeating the instructions outlined in the “How It Works” section of the Edmodo Connect article.