Send a Note to Your Group (Teacher)

To share a Post with your students, simply send a Note by following the steps below. 

Note: Notes sent to groups are automatically sent to the associated Parents also. To post a Note to parents only, you must choose the group named that is followed by "Parents" in to the "Send To" field. 

How to send a Note:

  1. Click on "Note" at the top of your center panel of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Type your message in the text box. 
  3. Click the “Files,” “Links,” or “Library” link options to upload attachments to your post.  (Any files or links you post will automatically be added to your Library, so be sure to provide a good description when posting these items).
  4. Choose to Send Now or Scheduled:
    • Send Now: Clicking the "Send" button will send the post immediately (posts will appear on the Post Stream in the order they were sent.)
    • Scheduled: Clicking the "Scheduled" icon post-schedulepost.png will automatically send the post at the chosen time (make sure the timezones in the Account Settings are the same for teachers and students.)
  5. Type the name of a Group, student, teacher, or "Parents" into the “Send to” field. (Edmodo will provide auto suggestions as you begin to type).

Teachers can post to recipients and multiple Groups by typing in the “Send to” field of the post bubble. Your post can be sent to the following recipients:

  • All My Groups: Sends a post to all of the Groups you own.
  • All My Connections: All of your teacher connections.
  • Students: Must be member of a Group that you own or co-teach.
  • Teachers: Teachers in your Groups or established connections.
  • Groups: Any of your Groups.
  • Parent Groups: Type in the Group name and select the parent option in the drop-down list that appears, e.g., “Math (Parents).” This is the only way for parents to view your notes!
  • Yourself: Type your own name in the “Send to” field to send yourself a direct message.

Note: You can send a message to multiple Groups at once. However, all of the Groups that are copied on your post can see the replies to your post. To keep Group replies separate, send posts individually to each class.