Send a Post to Your Class/Group (Teacher)

Sending a Post to your Class/Group is a simple way to communicate and engage with your students. They appear within your Class/Group stream and are visible to all members.

To send a Post to your Class/Group, simply:

  1. Select a Class/Group
  2. Click on the text box at the top of your Class stream stating Start a discussion, share class materials, etc...
  3. Type your message in the text box and include any attachments or other visuals you'd like through the options: Attach Files and Images image.png, Add from Library library.png, Add a link link.pngand/or Add GIF GIF.png.
  4. Choose to post immediately or schedule the post for a later time:
    • Post now: Clicking Post will send your message immediately and be at the top of the Class/Group stream as all posts appear newest to oldest.
    • Scheduled: Clicking Schedule time.png to program and send the message at the chosen time. Make sure the timezones in the account settings are the same for teachers and students so everyone sees the message at the same time!
  5. Confirm the recipients of the Post. The Class/Group you are currently viewing will automatically be set as the recipient of the Post however, you can change or add recipients by clicking Add _.png typing the name of a Class/Group, or parents in the Send To... field. Edmodo will provide auto suggestions as you begin to type.


  • Use @Mentions in your messages to address another member in your Class/Group in the conversation directly.
  • Teachers can send posts to individuals, multiple recipients or multiple Classes/Groups by typing the desired recipient's name in the Send To... field of the Class Composer.
  • Posts sent to Class/Groups are automatically sent to the associated parents also. To send a Post to parents only, you must choose the Class/Group named that is followed by (Parents) in to the Send To field.