Send an Assignment (Teacher)

Creating an assignment on Edmodo is easy. Assignment Posts will show up in the Class/Group members' Group or Class Stream and will automatically be added to the members' Planners. The Class/Group members can easily turn in the assignment right in Edmodo.  

To post a new assignment to one or more of your classes or groups, follow these instructions:

  1. Select the add button add_button_2019-08-08.png located in class information panel of your group’s page
  2. Click Create Assignment from the dropdown menu
  3. Fill out Assignment Title and Instructions for the assignment 
  4. Click the File, Link or Library icons to attach any items to the Assignment.
  5. Click Assign to open a pop up menu to complete the following details before assigning the assignment:
    • Assign to (type in the names of more groups or individual students to whom you would like to assign the assignment to directly)
      • Please note that if you send an Assignment to individual student recipients rather than a class or a small group, only you will be able to access that assignment. Co-teachers of your class won't be able to see or access this assignment or student submissions. 
    • Due on (set by clicking on the respective date and time boxes)
  6. Check the Lock after due date box to restrict students from turning in the assignment after it is due.
  7. Check the Add to Gradebook box to include the students’ scores in the class/group Progress Book.
  8. Click Schedule for later which will automatically send the post at the chosen time. Make sure the time zone listed in your account settings is the same for all teachers and students. After you select the date and time to schedule the assignment, hit Assign to add it to your scheduled posts queue located below the class composer. 
  9. Click Assign to post immediately (posts will appear on the Post Stream in the order they were sent)

Note: If you send an Assignment to individual students instead of to a whole class/group, it won't show up automatically in the Progress Book.

Note: Attaching an image to the assignment may lower the image resolution.


To create an assignment that will be posted immediately: 


To create and edit an assignment that is scheduled for later: