Send a Quiz (Teacher)

Edmodo Quizzes are a versatile that can be used for a number of pedagogical applications. It's easy to create a Quiz, then modify it or assign it to your Class. 

  1. Select the Create button  add_button_2019-08-08.png  located at the top of your Edmodo Class page.
  2. Hover over Quiz and click New to create a new Quiz (You can follow the linked article if you would like to load an existing Quiz you previously created).
  3. Complete the Quiz Details tab:
    • Give your Quiz a Quiz Title. 
    • Optional. Add Quiz Instructions that students will read before taking your Quiz. 
  4. Click the Quiz Questions tab.
  5. Add your Quiz questions:
    • Select the question type from the dropdown menu. Question type options include multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, short answer, fill in the blank, or matching. Jump lower on this page to learn more about Quiz question types.
    • Fill out the "Question Text" form box to add your question prompt. 
    • Optional. Using the buttons below the Question Text, you can attach files or links to your question prompt. Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.39.34_PM.png
      • Note: You can attach images, videos, MP3s, PDFs, links, and more file types from your Edmodo Library or your computer. 
    • Add Response answer choices. The response types will vary depending on the question type
      • For Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer question types, three response options will be provided by default, but you can add or remove response options.
        • To remove a response option, hover over it and click on the "X" icon that appears to the right. 
        • To add an additional response option, click "+ Add Respose" at the bottom of the Response list. 
        • Change the radio button Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.53.00_PM.png under "Correct Answer" to set the correct Response choice. For Multiple Answer questions,  set multiple correct answers under "Correct Answer" by checking all checkboxes Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.55.26_PM.png that are required correct Response choices.
      • The True/False question type only has two possible Response choices, "True" or "False"
        • Change the radio button Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.53.00_PM.png under "Correct Answer" to set the correct Response choice.
      • The Fill in the blanks question requires the use  of ‘_’(underscores) to designate where the blank should appear in the question.
        • Set the correct answer for each blank in the "Enter Answer" form box. The Response will appear when you enter the Question Text.
      • For Matching questions, three Question and Answer pairs will be provided by default, but you can add or remove Question-Answer pairs, or add additional distractor Answer options. 
        • Enter Question options on the left and corresponding Answer pairs on the right.
        • To remove a Question-Answer pair, hover over it and click on the "X" icon  that appears to the right. 
        • To add a Question-Answer pair, click "+ Add Response" at the bottom of the Response list. 
        • To add additional distractor Answer to increase the difficulty of your Matching question, click "+ Add Additional Answer" under the Additional Answers section.
    • Optional. In the Grading section, change the “points" box to adjust the point value.
      • True/False, Multiple Choice, and Short Answer questions are each worth 1 total point by default, but you can set this higher to make the question worth more points. A question cannot be worth less than 1 point.
      • Fill in the blanks and Matching questions are each worth 1 point per correct answer by default, but you can set this higher to make the question worth more points. 
      • Multiple Answer questions are worth 1 point per available response by default, but you can set this higher to make the question worth more points. 
        • Note that with Multiple Answer questions, points will be awarded for each correct answer that is selected and each incorrect answer that is not selected.
          • Example. With a question with 3 possible answers and 2 correct answers:
            • A student will be awarded 3 points for selecting the 2 correct answers and not selecting the incorrect answer.
            • A student will be awarded 2 points for selecting all 3 answers (2 correct answers selected, no incorrect answers not selected) or if they select 1 of the correct answers (1 correct answer selected and 1 incorrect answer not selected).
            • A student will be awarded 1 point for selecting 1 correct answer and 1 incorrect answer (1 correct answer selected, no incorrect answers not selected).
            • A student will be awarded 0 points for only selecting the incorrect answer (no correct answers selected, no incorrect answers not selected).
    • You can easily Duplicate a question to copy a question or Delete a Question to remove it in the bottom right corner of the question. 
      • Click "Duplicate QuestionScreen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.27.27_PM.png to copy it for easy editing. 
      • Click "Delete QuestionScreen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.27.31_PM.pngto delete it from your Quiz.
  6. You can add more questions using the "Add New Question" button at the bottom of your question list. You can also rearrange question order by dragging questions or adding a question between existing questions options.
    • To insert a new question between two existing questions, hover over the horizontal line that separates two questions and click on the "plus" button Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.39_PM.png
    • To rearrange a question, hover over the "six dots" icon Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.23_PM.png next to the question number, then click and drag the question to your desired order. 
  7. You can also reuse questions from previous Quizzes you've uploaded to Edmodo. Click the "Add from question bank" button, the select the question from the list you'd like to add and click "Add to Quiz."
  8. Select "Preview" at the top to preview your Quiz and view it as a student will see it.
  9. Select "Close" at the top to close the Quiz editor. Your Quiz will be automatically saved to your Edmodo Library. You can assign this Quiz from your Class page or from your Library at any time.
  10. Click the "three dots" icon three_dots.pngto open a menu with options that allow you to Print, Make a Copy, or Delete your Quiz.
  11. Select the "Assign" button to send the Quiz to your Class immediately.  Jump below to learn about the additional Quiz options available when you assign your Quiz to a Class.






Types of Questions:

There are different types of questions that you can create in Edmodo, including recently added options. Here's a quick rundown of them.

Multiple Choice: You can create questions with a multiple choice format for answering, with no limit of how many number of options you can present to the students. 


Multiple Answer: New to Edmodo is the ability to select the Multiple Answer question type. This allows teachers to set more than one required answer selection for multiple choice questions.


True/False: You also have the option of creating true/false questions. Simply type in the statement, and select whether or not it is true or false.True_False_.gif

Matching: The matching question type allows you to present two rows of possible responses that students will have to match up together.

  • New Distractor Feature: Distractor answers have been added to Matching questions. For matching pairs, teachers can now choose to display extra answers to increase question difficulty.


Fill in the Blank: This question type will ask students to fill in the blank in the text that you put forth. When creating this type of question, use '__' underscores to specify where you would like to appear in the text below. Students will need to answer in the exact order for the question to be marked as correct.


Short Answer: Short answer question types will ask students to write a short response to a prompt. Unlike the previous question types, the response will not be automatically graded. You will need to grade the responses yourself.



To send your Quiz to a Class: 

  1. Complete the following Quiz options:
    • "ASSIGN TO " – Select the Class recipient for your Quiz. If you created this Quiz from your Class page, the class will automatically be added as a recipient. You can search for and add additional Classes or individual students whom you would like to receive this Quiz. 
    • "DUE ON" – choose a due date and time for your Quiz
    • Optional. "Lock after due date" – checking this box will lock the Quiz after your set Due Date passes and  students will not be able to take the Quiz after this date has passed.
    • Optional. "Time Limit" - set a time limit for your Quiz, in minutes. After a student starts the Quiz, they must answer all questions before the allotted time has passed.
    • Optional. "Randomize Questions" – checking this box will randomize the question order for each student who takes the Quiz. 
    • Optional. "Add to gradebook" – checking this box will automatically add the Quiz and your students’ scores to your Class' Progress Book. If you forget this step you can add it later. 
    • Optional. "Show results to  students upon completion – checking this box will allow students to view their Quiz results after they submit their Quiz. Students will be able to see their score, individual questions results, as well as the correct answer for each question.
    • Add to gradebook – check this box to automatically add the Quiz and your students’ scores to your Class's Progress Book. If you forget this step you can add it later.  
  2. Select Assign to send the Quiz immediately or click "Schedule for later" to select a date and time when this Quiz will be sent to the selected recipients.



Note: If you send a Quiz to individual students, rather than the whole Class, the results will not be added automatically to your Progress Book. You will have to find the Quiz results in your What's Due and then manually enter the scores into your Progress Book.