Schedule a Post (Teacher)

As a teacher, few things feel better than knowing you have your whole week planned in advance and the ability to schedule Posts for later allows you to plan ahead seamlessly. You can schedule any Post to send at a scheduled time in the future. To schedule a Post:

  1. Create your Note, Assignment, Quiz, or Poll
  2. Check the option Schedule for Later at the bottom of the Post box.
  3. Select the day and time that you want the Post to be sent
  4. Click Assign to schedule your Post and add it to your scheduled posts queue which is located below the class composer
  5. After sending your scheduled Post, you can view, edit, or reschedule your scheduled Posts by clicking on scheduled posts located just below the class composer bar. 

Note: The time your students see the post will depend on their own individual time zone settings. Make sure that both you and your students have similarly set time zone settings!

Creating a scheduled post:


Editing previously scheduled posts: