Create a Snapshot from the Post Stream

In addition to using the Snapshot app, you can also quickly create a Snapshot from your Post Stream. This is meant to send quick, frequent Snapshots to students, and is especially useful in class. For planning and previewing, and viewing Snapshot Reports, please use the more detailed Snapshot app, found on the apps Toolbar.  

Simply follow these steps to quickly create a Snapshot:

  1. Click the Snapshot tab on the top right of the Post Stream or in your Group page.
  2. Select the Group(s) to send a Snapshot to by typing then selecting the name of a Group that you own. You can only send a Snapshot to Groups you own or co-teach that have students, so make sure to create Groups and have your students join them first.
  3. Select the grade level and subject if not pre-selected from the Group settings.
  4. Click “Select or search for a standard.” Some standards will be recommended based on class progress and common curriculum maps. Click a standard to select it.
  5. To select your own standard(s), click "Browse All Standards" then select your standard in the Standard Selector.
  6. The due date is set to 1 day from the time you create it, but can be adjusted from within the Snapshot app if you'd like.
  7. Click the “Customize Snapshot” icon -  - to customize the name and time limit (default to unlimited), and also add a note for students if you’d like.
  8. Click “Send.

The Snapshot will then be sent out to any students in the selected Group(s). After students take it, you can view the insightful Reports in the Snapshot app!