Send a Post to Your Class/Group (Student)

Sending a Post to your Class/Group is a simple way to communicate and engage with your teachers and classmates. All Posts are public within the Class/Group to which they are sent.

To Send a Post to your Class/Group, follow the steps below:

  1. Select a Class/Group
  2. Click on the text box at the top of your Class stream stating Start a discussion, share class materials, etc...
  3. Type you message in the text box and include any attachments or other visuals you'd like through the options: Attach Files and Images image.png, Add from Backpack backpack.png, and/or add a GIF GIF.png are available to include in your message. 
  4. Click Post 

To Reply to a Post, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the desired Post
  2. Click Comment located below the original message to reply to the Class/Group Post and include any attachments or other visuals you'd like. Alternative, you can choose to simple Like thumb.pngthe post or Add a New Task assignmentcenter.png.
  3. Click Comment

Note: Using @Mentions is a great way to address your teacher directly or add another member of your Class/Group to the conversation directly.