View, Edit, or Reschedule a Scheduled Post (Teacher)

After you have scheduled a Post to be sent out for a later date, you will see a “Scheduled Post” notification at the top-right of your Post Stream. You can click there to view, edit, or reschedule your scheduled Post up until the Post is sent out. To do this:

  1. Click on the “Scheduled Post” notification from the top-right of your Post Stream.
  2. Hover over the post and click on the "Post Settings" icon Screen_Shot_2015-07-14_at_2.58.01_PM.png that appears in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose from the following:
    • “Delete Post” to remove the post.
    • “Edit Post” to change the name, description or due date.
    • “Reschedule” to change the date/time the post will be sent out (or click “Send post now” to immediately send the post.)
    • “Send Now” to send the Post immediately.

Note: If you have added an attachment to the post, you cannot change the attachment, you must delete the post, create a new one, and attach a new file. The scheduled post notification will be automatically removed once it is sent out.