View, Edit, or Reschedule a Scheduled Post (Teacher)

After you have scheduled a Post to be sent out for a later date, you will see the words Scheduled Post located just below the class composer bar. You can click there to view, edit, or reschedule any scheduled Post in the queue up until its send out date and time. 

To edit a post in your Scheduled Post queue: 

  1. Click Scheduled Post located at the top of your class wall to view a list of all your Scheduled Posts
  2. Select More ellipsis.png on the Post you want to modify
  3. Choose from the following:
    • Edit Post to change the name, description or due date
    • Delete Post to remove the Post
    • Reschedule to change the date/time the Post will be sent out 
    • Send Now to send the Post immediately

Note: The scheduled post will be automatically removed from the scheduled posts queue once it is sent out.