Pin a Post (Teacher)

Have a message that you want to be positive all of your students will see? Pinning a Post to the top of your Group or Class Post Stream is a great way to make important info stand out. Pinned Posts will remain at the top of the Post Stream and will not be pushed down by other Posts. Posts can only be pinned on a Class/Group page, not within the students' home streams.  

To pin a Post, find the Post you would like to pin. Then, hover over the post and click the ellipsis.png on the right hand side. Select "Pin Post."

To unpin a pinned Post, use the ellipsis icon ellipsis.png to open the menu and select “Unpin Post.”

To replace a pinned Post with another one, simply select "Pin Post" from the dropdown menu on the new Post. This will replace the current Post that is pinned in the Class.

Note: You can only pin Posts on a Class or Group page.