Edit Your Account Settings (Parent)

You can change an email address, a password, or even your notifications by adjusting your Account Settings:

  1. Click on the profile icon Account_Icon2019-07-24__1_.png in the right of your top toolbar.
  2. Click on Settings gear.png in the dropdown menu.

From there you can edit your:

Personal Information Tab:

  • Click the Personal Information tab in the left panel to edit your phone number, email address(es), first/last name, timezone, and country.

Students Tab:

  • Click the Students tab to add or remove students from your account. To add a new student account, you will need the child's Parent code or Class Code which can be found in their Edmodo student account or from their teacher. 
  • To reset your child's password, click Reset Password.

Notifications Tab:

  • Click the Notifications tab to manage your notifications from Edmodo.
  • Select the Notification Type you'd like to receive by sliding the toggle On.png next to each notification.
  • You must verify your email address before you can set up your notifications. For more information on setting up your account notifications, visit this article.

Password Tab: 

  • Reset your personal password here. 

Note: Passwords are case sensitive.