Edit Your Account Settings (Parent)

You can change an email address, a password, or even your notifications by adjusting your Account Settings:

  1. Click "down arrow" from the right of your top toolbar.
  2. Click the “Settings” option in the drop-down menu.

From there you can edit your:

Account Tab:

  • Click the "Account" tab to edit your email address, first/last name and title, and language. You can also reset your own password here and change your profile image. Click "Save Personal Info" after editing your information.

Students Tab:

  • Click the "Students" tab to add Students to or remove Students from your account. To add a new Student account, you will need the child's Parent code, which can be found in their Edmodo Student account. 
  • You can also reset your child's Password here. 

Notifications Tab:

  • Click the "Notifications" tab to manage your notifications from Edmodo. You can select the different notifications you would like to receive by checking and unchecking the boxes. You must verify your email address before you can set-up your notifications. For more information on setting up your account notifications, visit this article.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive.