Manage Your Account Settings (Parent)

All your account's personal information such as display name, email address, password, ect., is in your Account Settings where you can update them at any time. As a safety measure, any changes made to your account settings requires your password to be entered to confirm the changes. Learn more about your Account Settings page

To access you Account Settings:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture profile.png on the top toolbar
  2. Click Settings gear.png in the drop-down menu
  3. Modify any account setting that needs to be updated
  4. Click on Save Changes to confirm updates


Once in your Account Settings page, you can select different options to customize your account to fit your needs.

Personal Information:

Update all your basic login and setting information at any time! On your Personal Information page you you can edit or update:

  • Phone Number: Add a mobile phone number to receive text message updates on your account. Standard text messaging rates apply and are only available to users residing in U.S. and Canada.
  • Profile Photo: Personalize your account by adding a Profile picture. Learn more about how to add an image to your Profile.
  • Name: This is your display name on your account which will help your child's teachers identify you clearly.
  • Email (Primary and Secondary): Keep your email up to date here
  • Country: Confirm your country and city of residence
  • Timezone: Make sure your timezone is set to the same as your student's and teacher's timezone to avoid missing any important information
  • Deactivate your Account: You can deactivate your account here by entering your password to confirm the deletion of your account. Learn more about how to deactivate your account.


Here you can manage any Student account linked to yours. Parents can easily add or remove students, consult a student's username and reset their password. Learn more on the powers of your Parent account:


Notifications can be easily managed, and prioritized to help you stay on top of your student's assignments and homework. Learn more about Edmodo Notifications.


To ensure your account's safety and privacy, we recommend updating your password and often. All changes will require you to input your current password as an extra form of security.

Reset your personal password by simply:

  1. Enter Current Password
  2. Enter New Password
  3. Confirm Password > Change Password

Note: Passwords are case sensitive