Manage Your Account Settings (Student)

All your account's personal information such as display name, username, email address, password, ect., is in your Account Settings where you can update them at any time. As a safety measure, any changes made to your account settings requires your password to be entered to confirm the changes. Learn more about your Account Settings.

To access your Account Settings:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture profile.png  on the top toolbar
  2. Click Settings gear.png in the drop-down menu
  3. Modify any account setting that need to be updated
  4. Click on Save Changes to confirm all updates



Once in your Account Settings page, you can select different options to customize your account to fit your needs. 

Personal Information:

Update all your basic login and setting information at any time! In your Personal Information Page, you are able to access, edit or add:

  • School: Adding your school affiliation to your account helps to connect you to your School's Network page. Students can only have one school affiliation on their account.
  • Phone Number: For any SMS Notifications you might want to receive, it's a great idea to add your mobile phone number. Standard text messaging rates apply and are only available to users residing in U.S. and Canada. 
  • Profile URL: You can personalize your Edmodo Profile URL with a unique name, so people can easily search and find your profile.
  • Username: This is the username you created when first registering for your account. At this time usernames can not be changed!
  • Your first/last name: This is your display name on your account which will help your teachers and parents know who you are.
  • Birthday: This information is not displayed publicly. Confirming your birth year will help you to receive the appropriate experience on Edmodo.
  • Primary Email: For all US users 13+, an email must be added to your student account.
  • Confirm your location by adding your city and country of residence
  • Timezone: Make sure your timezone is set to the same as your teacher's timezone to not miss any important assignment or quiz due dates. 


Notifications can be easily managed, and prioritized to help you stay on top of your assignments and homework. Learn more about Edmodo Notifications.


To ensure your account's safety and privacy, we recommend updating your password and often. All changes will require you to input your current password as an extra form of security. 


View a complete list of any third-party applications with permissions to your Edmodo account. These permissions were granted upon you Edmodo username and password to log in to the application.  Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Linked Accounts:

Your institution may allow you to connect to Edmodo through your school account. The accounts that you have connected to Edmodo will be listed here.