Direct Messaging Permissions for Students

A Direct Message is a private message that will only be visible by you and your teacher. Students only have permission to direct message their Teachers and Co-Teachers. Student to student direct messaging is not available unless their teacher or co-teacher has created a chat for them.   See below for details on direct messaging permissions for students. 

To send a Direct Message:

  1. Navigate to Messages chat.png located in your top toolbar
  2. Select Write pencilplus.png in the top left corner
  3. Type the name of the teacher in the To: Send to... field
  4. Type your message in the text message box located at the bottom of your screen. Options to Insert Emoji emoji.png, Add from Backpack backpack.png, or Attach Files clip.png are available to include your message.
  5. Click Send


To delete a Direct Message:

  1. Hover over the Direct Message
  2. Click on More ellipsis.png located to the left of the message 
  3. Click Delete

To hide or restore a conversation:

  1. Click on Settings gear.png to the right of the conversation > Hide
  2. To restore a hidden chat, click on Recent down.png at the top of your Messages list > Hidden Conversation 

Note: If you send a new message in a hidden conversation, it will be restored within the regular conversations view.