Direct Messaging Permissions for Students

A Direct Message is a private message that will only be visible by you and your Teacher.  See below for details on direct messaging permissions for Students. 

To send a Direct Message:

  1. Navigate to Messages chat.pnglocated on your top Tool Bar
  2. Select the pencil composer pencilplus.png in the top left corner
  3. Type the name of the teacher in the To: Send to... field
  4. Type your message in the Text Message Box located at the bottom of your screen
    • Options to Insert Emoji emoji.png, Add from Backpack backpack.png, or Attach Files clip.png are available to include your message.
  5. Click Send

To delete a Direct Message:

  1. Hover over the Direct Message
  2. Click on the ellipsisellipsis.pnglocated to the left of the message 
  3. Click Delete

To hide or restore a conversation:

  1. Click the gear gear.png to the right of the conversation > Hide.
  2. To restore a Hidden Conversation, click on Recent down.png at the top of your Messages list
  3. Select Hidden Conversation 
    • If you send a new message in a Hidden Conversation, it will be restored within the regular conversations view.

Note: Students can only message their Teachers and Co-Teachers and other Students if their Teacher or Co-Teacher is included on the message.