Wrong School on Student's Profile

Students cannot set the school that shows up on their Profile. A student will get their school directly from the school that their teacher has chosen. For students with multiple teachers, a student can get their school association directly from the teacher-group-owners or co-teachers in any of their active and archived groups.

When a student enters a Group Code to join a Group whose teacher owner has a different school listed on their Profile than the student’s, the student will be given an opportunity to update his/her school to the teacher’s school.

At any time, the teacher owner of a Group has the opportunity to adjust the school of any of their students so that it is the same as their own school. The teacher can do so under the “Manage” options on the “Members” tab of the Group.

Note: Teachers can also only have one school listed on their Profile. If a teacher works at two schools, then they should pick one to associate with their Profile, and add the information about the other school(s) to the "About Me" section of their Profile


Student Change School.png