Add an Attachment to a Post (iOS)

When you compose a new Post, you can attach files from your camera roll or Library, a web link, or a new Poll (for Teachers.) If your Google Drive is linked to your Edmodo account, you can also post files from your Google Drive. 

To add an attachment to a Post you’re already composing:

  1. Compose a new Post and add your recipients.
  2. Tap one of the four icons at the bottom:
    • Paper Clip - allows you to attach a file from your Library (or Google Drive, if linked) 
    • Gallery - allows you to attach a photo or a video from your device's Gallery 
    • Link - allows you to attach a link by adding a URL 
    • Poll - for Teachers, allows you to create a Poll to send to your Class or Group
  3. Tap any of the icons again to add any additional items to your post (except for Polls, since each Post can only contain one Poll). 
  4. Use the “Post” button at the top when you have selected recipients, added text, and attached all the items to your post.

Note: To attach files stored in your Google Drive, tap on the paper clip icon first to open your Library, then tap on "Google Drive" at the top.