Attach a Google Drive Item to a Post (iPad)

After you have connected your Google Drive to your Edmodo Library or Backpack in the iPad app, then you will be able to attach Google Drive documents directly to Posts in Edmodo. To attach something from your Google Drive to a Post:

  1. Connect your Google Drive to your Edmodo Library / Backpack in the Edmodo iPad app.
  2. From the "Latest Posts" screen, tap the compose button  at the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap "Note" or "Assignment" (these are the types of Posts you can attach items to.)
  4. Tap the attach icon shaped like a paperclip on the bottom left. If you are attaching to an Assignment, enter the title and due date then tap "Next," then select the paperclip icon.
  5. Tap "Library."
  6. Tap "Google Drive."
  7. Tap a Google Drive document to attach it.
  8. Tap "Attach." 
  9. Enter the rest of the Post information, then tap "Send."