Access Your Library/Backpack (iPhone)

Teachers and Students can keep track of all their files and folders directly from the Edmodo iPhone app. Teachers can see their complete Library and linked Google Drive account and students have full access to their Backpack as well. It's never been easier to see all your materials in one place!

  1. Tap the navigation button at the top left of the app and select "Library" or "Backpack" from the navigation menu.
  2. Use the Search box at the bottom of the Library to quickly search your resources to find just the one you are looking for. 
  3. Add Items: You can use the Plus Icon -  - at the top right of the app to create a new folder, add a new link, add an item from your Camera Roll or snap a picture.
  4. Filter Items, Access Folders: Tap "My Library" at the top of the app to filter between all your items, your folders, or your Google Drive. You can connect a Google Drive account directly in the app by clicking on this option.
  5. Open items: Tap on an item to open a preview. You can click the "Open In" arrow at the top right to Share the resource with another app, Open in Safari or Attach it to a note. Teachers can also attach resources to assignments. You can also tap the folder icon at the bottom right of the app to move the resource to a new or different folder or to duplicate the resource into a folder. To delete the resource, tap the garbage icon on the bottom left.