Access and Manage Groups (iPhone)

Teachers can create, join and manage their groups directly from the app. This includes the ability to edit a Group's grade or subject area and even delete or archive an old Group. 

  1. Tap the navigation button at the left of the app and select Groups from the navigation drawer.
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to toggle between groups you own, groups you've joined or archived groups from the past.
  3. Tap into one of your groups and use the gear icon at the top right of the app to change basic and advanced groups settings. This includes changing a group's grade level, subject area, Group Code, and more!
  4. Use the tabs at the top to view your Group's Posts, Members or shared folders.
  5. From the Members tab you can tap a teacher or student member to change their permissions in the group. This includes promoting a Co-Teacher or setting a group member to read-only. You can also view Group members' profiles, invite Students' Parents to Edmodo, reset Students' passwords, and remove members from the Group. 

Note: At this time you will be able to reply to posts in a group, but will need to go to the "Latest Posts" section to compose a new post.