iPad Limitations

The latest version of the Edmodo iPad app is now available in the iTunes Store. We are hoping to make a better mobile experience than ever before. Our app does not have all the features of the Desktop version at this time, but we are working tirelessly to improve our app. You can continue to use the Full Web version of the app on your iPad's browser for now if you find you are unable to complete a task on the iPad app. Our team is hard at work adding features to our app and hope to include many important features soon. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the latest version of the app!  

Account Settings:

  • At this time a teacher cannot change their About Me section.
  • Teachers are unable to view their collections from the Profile.
  • The iPad app will not get all notifications types at this time. The team is working to add all types very soon!
  • Parents will need to log in to Edmodo via the Parent iPhone app or a browser's full-web version at this time. Learn about the Parent iPhone app here.


  • You cannot create Small Groups.

Posts and Post Stream:

  • Teachers cannot create or grade quizzes, or view Quiz results, at this time. However, students can take quizzes and view their results.
  • Teachers cannot view Quizzes under Progress.
  • You cannot edit posts that you have sent.
  • Teachers cannot send posts to Parent groups.

Communities and Connections:

  • The Discover feature is not available in our iPad app at this time.


  • The Planner is not available on the app at this time.
  • Teachers cannot create or assign badges currently.
  • You cannot see assignment revisions at this time.
  • Annotations are not available on the iPad currently.
  • Not all apps are currently available on Edmodo's native app for iPad. Please click here for a list of apps that are currently supported on Edmodo's native app for iPad.

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Are you using the Edmodo App on an Android Device? Read more about Android limitations here.