Windows 10 FAQ

Announcing Edmodo for Windows 10! Specifically designed for Windows 10, this app includes the full Edmodo website as well as integrations with core Windows 10 tablet functionality, such as live tiles.


Can Students submit Assignments and Quizzes on the latest version of the Windows app?

Yes, students have full access to their Assignments and Quizzes from the Windows app.

Why do some links open up in a separate browser window?

While the Edmodo app handles Edmodo links within the app itself, external links to other URLs will be opened by the default web browser on the device.

Can I view Edmodo vertically?

The Edmodo app for Windows was designed to be viewed both horizontally and vertically. Simply turn your tablet 90 degrees and the Edmodo app will automatically adjust to a vertical display mode.

In what languages is the Edmodo for Windows app available?

We are happy to offer the Edmodo for Windows app in Indonesian, German, British and American English, Spanish, French, Georgian, Croatian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Serbian, simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Can I access Edmodo from Microsoft Edge or other browsers?

Yes. Please switch to desktop view on your device and access Edmodo as you would on a desktop device.


Are you using the Edmodo App on an Android device or iOS device? Read more about Android and iOS limitations here.