Windows 8 FAQ

Announcing Edmodo for Windows 8! Specifically designed for Windows 8.1, this app includes the full Edmodo website as well as integrations with core Windows 8.1 tablet functionality, such as live tiles, split screen, and charms.

Can Students take a Snapshot on the Windows app?

Yes, students can take Snapshots using their Windows device, find out how here. They can also take them on iPad and Android devices, too. 

Can Teachers create a Snapshot or view the Reports on the Windows app?

Yes! Learn more about how this is done here.  

Can Students take a quiz on the latest version of the Windows app?

Yes, students can take quizzes on the Windows app, from their Post Stream. 

What is the number that appears on the Live Tile?

This is the number of new notifications for the account that is currently logged into Edmodo on this device. 

How can I access a Split Screen?

When opening any file or link attached to a post, you will see it launch a split screen. This way, you can quickly view the content in it’s own window beside the page on which it was posted within Edmodo, all without having to toggle back and forth between the two. 

How do I log into my school’s Network?

On your Windows device, please swipe left to show your charms bar, then select Settings, then Options. Here, scroll down to the Network field and type in your school’s network name.

How can I view Edmodo vertically?

The Edmodo app for Windows is not designed to be viewed vertically.

In what languages is Edmodo App for Windows 8 available?

We are happy to offer Edmodo for Windows 8 in English, Spanish, Portuguese do Brazil, French, Swedish and German.

Can I access Edmodo from Internet Explorer?

Yes. Please switch to desktop view on your device and access Edmodo as you would on a desktop device.


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