Back to School FAQs

Setting up for the school year on Edmodo is easy! Need a refresher? Check out the new Teacher's Guide to Edmodo!

If you already have an Edmodo Account, here are some FAQs to get you prepared and ready:

1) What do I do with the old groups I created?

If you do not need an old group that you created, archive the groups. When a group is archived, all of the work and grades for the semester are saved, and the group is inactive.

2) How do I get my students in my new group?

After you create your groups, you can have your students join. Students with existing accounts can join with the Group Code or Join URL. Students who have never created an account can create an account to join. When your group code is locked, students can enter the locked code to enter an approval queue for your group.

3) Why is my Group Code Locked? Can students still use Locked Group Codes?

Group Codes automatically lock after two weeks to maintain the teacher's control over who joins the Group. No worries though - locked Group Codes can still be used to join a Group! The teacher simply needs to approve a student's request to join after they use a locked code before the student is added to the Group. Teachers can also unlock their Group Code at any time, which will generate a brand new Group Code. Learn more about Group Codes here

4) How do I delete posts from last year?

There is no way to mass delete posts, but don't worry, there isn't a need to do this! We recommend creating new groups and archiving your old groups. Once new posts appear in your new groups, the old posts will be pushed off your "Latest Posts" page. 

5) Where is the App Store? How do I use Apps from Spotlight?

Because there are many overlapping qualities between the Edmodo Store and Spotlight, on June 30th 2016, all up-to-date Edmodo Store apps automatically transitioned into Spotlight. Learn more about Edmodo apps and how to share them here.

6) How do I clear my Progress Book in the Progress section?

We recommend that you create a new group for each new grading period and archive your old groups, which will clear the Progress Book in your Progress section.

7) How do I get my students’ parents ready for the school year?

If the parent has an Edmodo account, and the student is using the same account as last year, the parent is all ready to go. As the child joins or leaves classes or schools, the parent account will automatically update. If the parent has never created an account, they can easily create one by obtaining the student's Parent Code. 

8) I’m at a new school this year; what should I do with my old groups and how do I get this to reflect on my profile?

First, be sure to delete any group you own with students in it from your previous school or request to transfer group ownership to a teacher at your former school. Then, select your Current School in your Account Settings. Then, if your new school has a school or district network, go to the network page (ex:, log in with your existing username and password, and enter the School Code when prompted.

9) How can I moderate my Student posts?

There are three options available to you in regard to monitoring student posting in your groups.

  1. Default new group members to Read-Only status.
  2. Set all group members or a single group member to Read-Only status.
  3. Moderate all posts prior to the post going live.

10) My calendar events are off; the dates on posts and assignments are different than what my students and parents see. How do I fix this?

Please make sure students, parents, and teachers all have matching time zones and this will clear up the issue. Change your timezone in your Account Settings.