End of Year FAQ (Teachers)

As many of you wrap up the year, we want to answer your most frequently asked end-of-year questions. In a nutshell, we recommend keeping your same account active for next year, archiving your old groups and creating new ones for the next semester, and following our other best practices.

If you are an administrator, please see the End of Year FAQ for Administrators.


1) What do I do with my groups at the end of the year?

We recommend that you archive your old groups, which saves all of the work and grades, and prevents any new posts from being made to the group. You can then create new groups to be used in the next year. If you are only starting a new grading period, and will be continuing with the same group of students, you can simply add a new grading period to your same Group, instead of creating a new one. If you want to reuse the name of an archived Group, be sure to rename the existing Group before archiving it, as you will not be able to create a new Group with the same name as an active or archived Group. You can also restore an archived Group if you want to use it again.


2) How do I remove students from my group so I can get the group ready for next year's students?

We do not recommend removing students from your Group! You should leave all of the students in your Group, preserving all of their work and grades, then archive the Group. Then, create new Groups for the new year. See question #1 above.


3) How can I use Edmodo for Professional Development while school is out of session?

There are many ways to use Edmodo to access PD opportunities and stay connected with other educators over the summer:


4) How do I clear my Progress Book for the next grading period?

To clear the Progress Book for a group, simply add a new grading period. We also recommend exporting your gradebook to save a hard copy of your class grades before you add a new Grading period.


5) Can I reuse this year's Assignments and Quizzes next year in my new groups?

If you want to reuse assignments and quizzes for your new group, no need to worry. You can easily load previously created assignments and quizzes to assign them to your new groups next year. You can also ask your colleagues to send you the Quizzes they have created so you can add them to your Library and use them with your Groups next year.


Additionally, you can now create a copy of your Group to use for the next school year!


6) How do I delete posts from last year?

There is no way to mass delete posts, but don't worry, there isn't a need to do this! We recommend creating new groups and archiving your old groups. Once new posts appear in your new groups, the old posts will be pushed off your "Latest Posts" page.


7) How can I easily monitor my groups over break?

If you don’t plan to check your groups frequently over the break, we suggest setting your students to read-only or choose to moderate all posts. This will ensure you stay in full control of your group!


Visit our Help Center to learn more and, as always, the Support Team is available 24/7 to respond to any further questions.