End of Year F.A.Q. (Admin)

As many of your Schools and Districts wrap up for the year, we want to answer your most frequently asked end-of-year questions. This F.A.Q. is to help facilitate those last days of the academic year easily come to a close.  

1. What do I do if a Teacher Has Left My School?

If a teacher has left your School or District with active Classes or Groups, please reach out to the Teacher and request that they remove access to their former Students on Edmodo. 

2. How do I remove Students that have graduated or left my School/District?

At the end of the school year, you may want to remove Students who have graduated or left your School Network. Admins can remove any member from their School Network directly.

3. How can I use Edmodo for Professional Development with my Teachers over the Summer?

Visit our Training Page for more information and resources on how to use Edmodo as a PD Tool to develop and lead Professional Learning Communities and Networks (PLCs & PLNs) to build teacher capacity over the summer time.

4. What should I do if I am the Admin and I left my School or District?

If you left your School Network and you are the current Edmodo Admin, we recommend adding another Admin to your Network.

We recommend you share the End of Year FAQ for Teachers and Edmodo Best Practices with your Staff before the end of the school year.