End of Year FAQ (Admin)

As many of your Schools and Districts wrap up for the year, we want to answer your most frequently asked end-of-year questions. This FAQ is for those with Admin features in their account. Whether or not you have a school or district network, it’s important that you incorporate Edmodo into your policies for teachers retiring, changing schools, or transitioning out of your school for other reasons. If you are a Teacher, please see our End of Year FAQ for Teachers.

1. What do I do if a Teacher is Leaving My School?

If a Teacher is leaving your School or District with active groups, please reach out to the teacher and request that they remove access to their former students on Edmodo by performing one of the following:

  • Transfer Group OwnershipTransferring group ownership is a good option when the group will remain active after the teacher’s departure. Please ask the teacher to contact us and select "Creating, joining, or managing Groups" with this request. The group owner will need to make the ownership transfer request from the email associated with their Edmodo Account. Archived groups can also be transferred to another teacher.
  • Delete Groups - If the groups will no longer remain active, ask the teacher to delete the groups that have student members.
  • Remove students - If the teacher would like to keep a reference to their personal posts in the group, they can remove former students from groups. Please note that this will remove the ability for these students to communicate with their former teacher.

Once the teacher has removed their access to their former students by one of the three options above, remove the teacher from your school or district network to complete the process.

Contact teachers who have left - If teachers have left your school or district with active groups and you have been unable to contact those teachers, please contact us and select "Administrator Questions." 

2. How do I remove Students that have graduated or left my School/District?

At the end of the school year, you may want to remove or delete students who have graduated or left your School/District. Students will remain in your Members list until they are manually removed, deleted, or associate with another School on Edmodo.To Remove a Member from the School/District Account, click the “Remove User” icon  under “Actions.” Removing a teacher from the network does not affect his/her Groups or resources, except that the user can no longer login through the network. Removing a student from the network removes him/her from all groups associated with teachers in you school/district network.

3. How can I use Edmodo for Professional Development with my Teachers over the Summer?

Over the Summer, we recommend Schools/Districts stay active on Edmodo with Professional Learning Networks and Professional Development Sessions. If you are running a PLN or PD this summer, consider using the following:

  • Create a PD group for Teachers to collaborate and plan for the upcoming school year. These groups can be grade level, content or school specific. Groups are a great way for Teachers to share resources and collaborate for the upcoming school year.
  • Download Training Materials for new Teachers joining your School/District in the upcoming school year. Some Schools/Districts use these materials to train new Teachers during orientation.
  • Attend Edmodocon2017! We encourage all users to sign up for Edmodocon 2017. EdmodoCon brings together educators from around the world for a full day of professional development.Teachers share, inspire and showcase the ways they are using Edmodo and other digital tools in the classroom. It’s a great day to learn about new tools, discover resources, and connect with educators.

4. What should I do if I am the Admin and I am leaving my School/District?

If you are leaving your School/District and you are the current Edmodo Admin, please assign your responsibilities to another individual at your School/District that is in position to be an Admin for the upcoming school year.

Please have the person join the network, then, from your Admin Account, promote the member to a School or District Admin position in the Members tab. In addition, update the contact for school code information in the Admin Settings. This will ensure that Teachers and Students can access their accounts in the upcoming school year.

5. We have Summer trainings at my School/District, what should I do with our Automatic Redirect?

We know many presenters and teachers collaborate at other school sites during the summer. If your School/District has automatic redirect set-up, all visitors at your school accessing Edmodo will be sent to your School/District page and be unable to login to their Edmodo Accounts. We have a few options and workarounds for Admins of those school subdomains to apply when there is training at their sites:

  • The School/District disables IP forwarding for the day (easiest and recommended). Please make sure the Admin saves the IP address so it can be applied again.
  • Have the visitors, join with a “Visitor’s School” School Code. The Admin of the school site must create this school ahead of time. The Admin will then need to remove visitors from that school at the end of the day.

We recommend you share the End of Year FAQ for Teachers and Edmodo Best Practices with your staff before the end of the school year. Visit our Help Center to learn more and as always, the Support Team is available 24/7 to respond to any further questions.