Back to School & End of Year FAQ (Admin)

We know that at the beginning of the year and the end of the year, many Admins want to be prepared to make sure those first and last days goes smoothly. That may mean organizing your teachers' timetables, adding/removing members, and tying up any loose ends for transferring members. Here's a short list of some best practices Admins can use to get ready for a new school year and help facilitate those last days as well. 


1. Get Students into their accounts:

We recommend that students reuse their same Edmodo Accounts year after year. If a student has an email address on their account, they can reset their own password directly through Edmodo's homepage by clicking the “Forgot Password” link. Administrators and teachers from last year's Classes/Groups can reset passwords and help students get into their accounts. Learn more on how to manage members from your Classes/Groups.

2. Making sure new teachers and students are in the right School Network: 

Make sure you have an updated list of your staff and students in your Manage Members view.  This may include inviting or removing members of your Organization, managing your Organization's Join Requests or sharing your School's Code with teachers.

3. What do I do if a teacher has left the Organization?

If a Teacher has left your Organization with active Classes or Groups, please reach out to the teacher and request that they remove access to their former students on Edmodo. Read more about Best Practices on Edmodo

4. How do I remove students that have graduated or left the Organization?

At the end of the school year, you may want to remove students who have graduated or left your Organization. Learn more about removing a member from your Organization.

5. What should I do if I am an Admin and I leave the Organization?

If you are leaving your Organization and you currently have Admin Permissions, we recommend adding another Admin to your school's account to replace you.  Learn more on how to add another Admin to your Organization.


Note: We recommend you share the Back to School FAQ and Edmodo Best Practices with all of your Admins and Organization members.