Back to School FAQ (Admin)

This FAQ is for those with Admin features in their account. Whether or not you have a school or district network, it’s important that you incorporate Edmodo into your policies for teachers joining your school, changing schools, or transitioning out of your school for other reasons. If you are a teacher, please see our Back to School FAQ for teachers.

1. How do I get my students back into their accounts?

We recommend that students reuse their same Edmodo Accounts year after year. If a student has an email address on their account, they can reset their own password on by clicking the “Forgot Password” link. Administrators and teachers from last year’s groups can also reset passwords and locate usernames for students.

2. How do I help my teachers and students get onboard my district network?

Help your teachers and students fully join your School or District network by following these roll out steps

3. What do I do if a Teacher Left My School?

If a teacher has left your School or District with active groups, please reach out to the teacher and request that they remove access to their former students on Edmodo by deleting the group, removing students from the group, or transferring group ownership.

Once the teacher has removed their access to their former students by one of the three options above, remove the teacher from your school or district network to complete the process.

4. How do I remove Students that have graduated or left my School/District?

At the end of the school year, you may want to remove students who have graduated or left your School/District. Students will remain in your Members list until they are manually removed or associate with another School on Edmodo. 

To Remove a Member from the School/District Account, click the “Remove User” icon next to their name on the Members page. Removing a student from the network removes him/her from all groups associated with teachers in your school/district network. Removing a teacher from the network does not affect his/her Groups or resources, except that the teacher can no longer login through the district’s network.

5. How can I train my teachers on Edmodo?

Part of Edmodo Management is our PD Tools package which allows you to easily create and lead school/district-level, countrywide, and worldwide professional learning communities (PLCs) and professional learning networks (PLNs) to build teacher capacity.

You should also visit our Training page for more training information and resources!

Here are some other tips: 

  1. Create a PD group for teachers to collaborate and plan for the upcoming school year. These groups can be grade level, content or school specific. Groups are a great way for teachers to share resources and collaborate during the school year.
  2. Download Training Materials for new teachers joining your School/District in the upcoming school year. Some Schools/Districts use these materials to train new teachers during orientation.
  3. Attend a webinar to learn more about Edmodo’s features.

6. What should I do if I am the Admin and I left my School/District?

If you left your School/District and you are the current Edmodo Admin, please award admin rights to another individual who is remaining at the School/District.

Please have the person join the network, then, from your Admin Account, promote the member to a School or District Admin position in the Members tab. In addition, update the contact for school code information in the Admin Settings. This will ensure that teachers and students can access their accounts in the upcoming school year.

Then, if your new school/district hasn't claimed a district network, help get them started!

7. Do you have a district or school wide solution for districts or schools?

Yes! Edmodo Management offers a customized subdomain, single sign-on and rostering, premium analytics and features, and more! 


We recommend you share the Back to School FAQ for teachers and Edmodo Best Practices with your staff before the end of the school year.