Change the Owner of a Group

If you are leaving your school but you’d like a group that you have created to remain in that school, you can transfer the ownership of a group to another teacher. To do so, please contact us and select "Groups and Group Members" and later in the Groups Topic section, choose "Change Group Owner," and include the following information:

  • The name of the group that you would like to transfer to another teacher
  • The email address associated with that teacher's Edmodo account.

This is a good option for teachers who have created school wide professional development groups or whose groups are still active.

Note: Neither the folders in the group nor the apps installed to the group will move with the group transfer. If you would like the folders to remain in the group when transferring ownership, we recommend the former group owner remain a co teacher in the group and share their files with the group. This will allow student as well as the new owner to access files from folder being shared by the co teacher. The new group owner can then access the documents and add them to their library create their very own folders and share them with the group. The new owner will have to install any apps to the group that they would like the group to have access to.