Developing New Features

At Edmodo, we are always working on ways to create the best Edmodo experience for all teachers, students, and parents.  

Sometimes your Edmodo features, page design, or emails may look slightly different than your colleagues’, but don’t worry! As part of our ongoing product improvement process, we occasionally develop new features and then release them to a limited set of teachers.  This allows us to gather feedback and improve the feature's design.  This also means that sometimes the screenshots in our support articles may be a bit off, but if you have any trouble understanding the differences, you can always contact us for assistance or to provide your feedback.

Ultimately, we want to listen to and incorporate teacher feedback before making any decisions about releasing new features to everyone.

If you have any feedback about a new feature, please contact us and select "Providing Feedback or a Feature Request."  Thank you for understanding and helping improve Edmodo for everybody!