Edmodo Ambassador Program: Code of Conduct

As an Edmodo Ambassador, you are a valued member of the community, an experienced user of the product, and an enthusiastic advocate of Edmodo. All Ambassadors are expected to follow the Code of Conduct both on and off the Edmodo platform.

  1. Model good digital citizenship.
    Whenever posts and comments by Edmodo Ambassadors are seen in the community and beyond, they should be exemplary of the sincerity, kindness, and support we want to see in our own classrooms. Ambassadors are expected to show positivity and empathy while taking the high road in difficult or challenging conversations.

  2. Offer your help and share your knowledge.
    As Ambassadors, one of your biggest contributions is your knowledge of how to use Edmodo and its many features. There are many ways to offer assistance, whether it's by responding to a post, sharing ideas, and providing learning opportunities for others. You can also point users to the Help Center, have them join a Global Support Group, or contact our Support Team.

  3. Advocate for Edmodo.
    You represent the best of the Edmodo community, and we rely on your voices to share the #edmodolove! Be positive and optimistic when talking about Edmodo, whether you are at a conference, on social media, or on the platform. Teachers learn best from other teachers, and your enthusiasm and support make a huge impact on Edmodo's future.

  4. Provide constructive criticism.
    If you have constructive criticism or negative feedback for Edmodo, provide it directly to Edmodo staff. This can help channel any frustrations you might experience in a way that can make a positive change at Edmodo. Publicly criticizing the company is a bad look for our Ambassadors and is not representative of our community's mission to support teachers.

  5. Respect the Ambassador community.
    One of the most powerful benefits of being an Edmodo Ambassador is getting to know other amazing educators all around the world. Our community is at the heart of the Ambassador program and all members are expected to show the utmost respect to each other. 

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in temporary loss of Ambassador privileges. Significant violations may result in removal from the Ambassador program.