Sample Edmodo Guidelines

*** This is a sample list of guidelines you may want to communicate to students before using Edmodo in your classroom.  The content was gathered from various samples found in the Edmodo Communities. The list should be customized to reflect the policies set forth by your school or district. ***


Edmodo Guidelines


Posting Messages

  • Post a note to the whole group if your question is about something the whole group should know (assignments, instructions, dates etc.)
  • Send a note only to your teacher if you want to talk about something that doesn’t relate to everyone.
  • Don’t post personal questions to the group.
  • Keep conversations on topic.
  • If you’re not sure if a word or joke is okay, then it’s probably not. Refrain from posts that tease, bully, annoy, spam, or gossip about any other member.


Replying to Messages

  • Do not answer a question if you aren’t sure you know the answer.
  • Do not reply to a question if someone has already answered it correctly.



  • If you think there is something inappropriate posted in an Edmodo group, tell a teacher immediately.


Punctuation & Grammar

  • No txting lingo. We r ur teachers…show us that u have learned how 2 spell.
  • Do not end sentences with more than one exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or question mark????????????
  • Please please please do not repeat a word more than necessary.