Webinars and Video Tutorials

 Welcome to Edmodo Webinar 

Are you ready to set up your Edmodo Classroom? Learn how to create a classroom and invite students into your virtual classroom. The webinar will teach you how to create a group, invite students, create posts and connect with other Edmodo users. This webinar is intended for Edmodo beginners.

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At this time there are no live webinars available. We will offer more webinars for Back to School!


Bienvenido al seminario de Edmodo 

¿Estás listo para configurar tu clase de Edmodo? Aprende a crear un aula e invitar a los estudiantes a tu clase virtual. El seminario te enseñará cómo crear un grupo, invitar a los estudiantes a unirse a este grupo, crear mensajes y conectarse con otros usuarios de Edmodo. Este seminario está diseñado para principiantes en Edmodo.

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Teachers' Lounge Webinar Series

Edmodo is the place ‘Where Learning Happens.’ At Edmodo, we learn from our Teachers. Teachers' Lounge is a webinar series featuring Edmodo Teachers. Each series features one Teacher presenting a specific topic related to education and Edmodo, and is intended for Edmodo Teachers looking to expand their knowledge of Edmodo and their classroom.  

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Edmodo Video Tutorials

Watch these 5-10 minute recordings to get an in-depth look at our site. Need more resources? Check out our Quick Guides


1.Welcome To Edmodo 

Learn how to open the door to your Edmodo Classroom by creating groups, inviting students and connecting with other educators. 

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2. Edmodo Accounts

Explore the different features available to Teacher, Student and Parent Accounts. 

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3.Group Management and Safety  

Discover best practices to keep your Edmodo classroom safe and secure. 

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4. Mastering Assessments  

Learn how to assign quizzes, assignments, and polls in your Edmodo classroom. 

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5. Progress and Badges:

Learn how to monitor and assess your students' progress, and reward students with Badges.

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6. Library:

Learn to leverage the Edmodo Library to store and manage your digital resources.

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7. Using Small Groups 

Learn to engage and serve all student learners by differentiating instruction with Small Groups. 

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8. Edmodo For Professional Development 

Plan your next professional development through Edmodo. 

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Digital Citizenship

Learn how to use the Digital Citizenship Starter Kit, a series of activities you can complete in Edmodo to help start the conversation with students about Internet safety, cyberbullying, information literacy, and more. In this webinar, we’ll take you through the contents of the starter kit and help you learn how to make the most of the Digital Citizenship Community on Edmodo.

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District Spotlight Series

In an effort to provide ideas and inspiration to school districts around the world, the District Spotlight Series seeks to showcase some of the innovative ways districts are using Edmodo.


Spotlight Webinar: Conferences Powered by Edmodo

Building Leadership PLNs with Edmodo

Edmodo: From Computer Labs to 1:1

Creating Global Networks with Edmodo -  Nashville and Brunswick County Schools

Improving Classroom Engagement with iPads and Edmodo – Chicago Public Schools