Understand Your Class/Group Code

Your Class/Group Code is the key for members to join your classes or groups or create an account. Providing students or teachers the Code is the easiest way to have them join your Class/Group.

You can locate the Code in the group name banner underneath the name.  Here you can lock, unlock, and reset it. Here is some key information about Codes:

  • Unlocked Codes will allow members to instantly join a Class/Group or create an account.
  • Codes automatically lock 14 days after creating a class/group or resetting the code. Locked Codes can still be used to join a class/group. If a locked Code or an old Code is used, the student will enter an approval queue, and the owner will have to approve the Join Request.
  • The owner can unlock and reset the Code by clicking on the class Code button > click the down arrow next to the code in the pop-up window > Reset Code or Unlock.
  • Codes are one of two ways (in addition to the Join URL) that a student or teacher can join a Class/Group. The Join URL is a link that, when entered in to the browser, will add students to an approval queue for the group owner to approve.